SukhShanthi - My Dream Project

K.Mangal Chand Jain

"We all have a choice, we all have a say, We are spectators in life or we get in and play"

- Tom Kraus

I decided to get in and play when I was in school itself. As a member of Leo Club, under the leadership of Mr.V.K. Padmanabhan Lions Governor, I visited old age homes in Chennai (then Madras), frequently the one near my school ADARSH VIDHYALAYA on Peters road Chennai, gifted them newspapers and chocolates,entertained them with songs. The smile in their faces made my life bright.I decided to do something for them when I grow up. Later I visited "LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR" in Bangalore and Erode. I studied their needs closely. Meanwhile one of my friend needed a senior citizen home with all amenities at affordable cost. one of my friend needed a senior citizen home with all amenities at affordable cost. We searched for such places but could not find any.Then I decided to start a senior citizen home which will cater to all the needs of the elderly at an affordable price amongst nature. Later the movie Avtar my favorite actress Shabana Azmi made my desire more stronger.

"The surest way to happiness is to lose yourself in a cause greater than yourself"

- Anonymous

Finally the concept of SukhShanthi took shape in 2011 in our land in Jain Farms. 2011 Dec 21st SukhShanthi was born- My longtime cherished dream came true!

Much more to be done. I wish to add facilities like Meditation, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Laughter Therapy, Auditorium, Picnics, Movies and many more. I wish to retire and spend an active life amongst my elderly friends at SukhShanthi and enjoy life with them.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" - John Ruskin

SUKHSHANTHI - A unique experience

Mr. & Mrs. Sankaran

Experience is a hard teacher because it gives the test first, the lessons afterwards. A stay in Sukhshanthi Apartments is a pleasant feeling. The inmates of this lovely apartment are extremely friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is full of energy to suit senior citizens who need a heart that never hardens a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts.

The management exhibits this right spirit to satisfy the need of the inmates to a greater extent one should be happy and grateful to god almighty for this lovely peaceful environment.

Sukhshanthi assures you to take time to relax, reflect and savour each day for the joy it brings; take time to rediscover each beautiful gift life has to offer...

In nutshell Sukhshanthi promises to senior citizens rare day of serene sky and lucent air and an interpenetrating sunshine and a day suffused with an infinite rejoicing of the hopefulness of the spring.

Mr. Sankaran is a retired official from HUL. He has done B.Com & PGDMA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Chennai. His burning desire is to help the society. He's leading a peaceful life with his wife Smt. Ananthalakshimi. He does not have any secrets which no one knows.

"Sukhshanthi" The 3 C's - Compassion,Concern and Care

SukhShanthi what's in a name...

Very rarely does a place truly live up to its name and justify it. At Sukhshanthi Apartments there is both Sukh and Shanthi.

The two major factors enabling this are the external environment of greenery with only the gentle ripple of tree leaves and branches in a gentle breeze. The sun rises and sets to a chorus of bird song.

The infrastructure is more than comfortable which offers a well stocked library, a first rate gym, a games room and a dining hall where the menu's are as nutritious and balanced as they are tasty. Residents of Sukhshanthi are free to make as much or as little use of these facilities to socialise as they wish. Compulsion of any kind is totally an alien concept at Sukhshanthi.

This is entirely internal as a special atmosphere of relaxed informality where smiles, greetings and friendly conversations just happen naturally.. This special atmosphere results largely due to a combination of professionalism & efficiency with a genuinely meant friendly and customers caring attitude of the staff ranging from young security men, the housing services ladies, the kitchen staff, right up to senior management.

All the while fellow residents of acquaintance enquire after the injury with words of comfort and encouragement while every staff member responded with care and attention well above the call of duty. Whether likely or not the inevitable feeling engender was that in such a conducive atmosphere of 'Sukh' and 'Shanthi' the injury was going to heal sooner than later.

Most recent experience of recovering from a shoulder injury brought to the surface which makes Sukhshanthi what it is : The 3 C's - Compassion, Concern and Care - on the part of fellow residents and staff members.

In Summary: At Sukhshanthi both aspects of life, the mental and the physical, the internal and the external seems to take care of themselves, one improving and encouraging the other.

Making use of the dining hall was difficult due to injury, the food was sent to the guest apartment for privacy & comfort. The Sukhshanthi nurse tended to the shoulder harness every other day while the manager personally saw to that, what was needed was present and functional in the apartment. Thankfully the attention of an "on Call" doctor was not needed neither was the stand by ambulance required.

Subsequent review visits to the hospital in Bangalore were facilitated by Sukhshanthi's own jeep transport on a "door to door" basis as and when required (booked in advance). The cost was the same as that of a taxi but with the bonus of more than a helpful driver... stopping where ever required for any purchases necessary.

"Three Senior Pals" Three seniors are out for a stroll. One of them remarks, "It's windy. "Another reply, "No way.It's Thursday". The last one says,"Me too. Let's have a soda."

Harish Sharma is a postgraduate of The National Film & Television School, England. He has previously taught Film Studies, Screenplay Writing & Narrative Structures at Rewley House, Oxford University. Currently he is a full time writer of fiction and divides his time between Bagalur, Bangalore and Oxford.

Friendly residents helpful attendants - that is Sukhshanthi

DOB : 29.02.1936

Sukhshanthi in an ideal place for those elder who are young at heart, though their boides may not be cooperating with them, for deep introspection, pursuer your passion like music ,reading,gardening and hard watching.

Friendly people residing here and the helpful attendants all contribute to make your stay at sukhshanthi a very pleasant one. What more do you want at the fag end of your life. It makes you all the more humble and grateful. I intend to make full use of my stay here. pleasant braze, bright sunshine and the glorious sun set with all its colourful pattern no less than a painting all help your to forget the busy bad world and leaves you.

craving to go deeper to find the real you. Praying for the fulfilment of their craving not only in me but in all other residents of sukhshanthi also.

I was Born in Bangalore, an father an engineer had transferable job, so education at several places did B.A privately from Nagpur university. It's my privilege to be the granddaughter of LATE.SRI.B.M .SHRIRAILIA a great writer in kannada and English and a greater activist who worked hard for united Karnataka and wife of LATE.SHRI.SBALU RAO a poet writing in kannada and English. My only claim to fame in I am a good human being!

Sukh Shanthi truly a place where ageing is FUN!

Old Age Homes in Bangalore

I found that the entire staff of Sukh Shanthi and Jain Farms stood behind me like a rock, in completing the final rites of my mother in a well organised manner. I am sure even if I would have kept her at Madurai, I might not have had this organisational support.

So, elderly people can confidently come to live in Sukh Shanthi, as I did, and they have all the medical facilities they need within a reasonable distance and approach. Taking into account the traffic snarls at Bangalore where crossing 500 metres by a car or ambulance will take 20 minutes to half an hour ,here at Sukh Shanthi the nearest well equipped medical hospital is just 10 minutes away. Sukh Shanthi Ambulance is readily available on a 24X7 basis. For emergency care, we have a properly equipped nursing room, with a well trained nurse also available 24 X 7.

The canteen caters to the South Indian and North Indian tastes and the menu is well planned to give a nutritious diet to the elderly. The employees are friendly, courteous and they serve the aged who need to be given in their apartment, on time just as my father is presently being taken care of.

Fresh air, greenery all around and plenty of sunshine provide the necessary ambience and environment for healthy living. No doubt the slogan "Sukh Shanthi is a place where ageing is fun" is very true and I fully endorse it. I am ageing and taking care of my elderly father alone with no difficulty.

T.K.R.Sridharan, Retd. Senior Bank Executive Manager.

My daily routine at SukhShanthi

An active resident - Vasantha Bhaskaran's busy schedule...

"JOKE OF THE DAY", "HEALTH TIP OF THE DAY", "HAIKU POEM OF THE DAY", "MENU OF THE DAY". Chit chat with all- that is the hot news of the day!

10.00 AM to 12 Noon: Cleaning the house ( do myself-help available on payment), personal work, reading book(library with a stock of 2568 books on all topics), net browsing(facility available in office also) etc.

5.30 AM : Wake up and YOGA. (relaxed yoga in the backdrop of a glorious rising sun and with the background music of the chirping parrots!)

12 noon to 1.00 PM : Play Table Tennis and Carrom- real cut-throat competition-no mercy showed!)

6.30 AM : Have my herbal decoction. (served at doorstep hot and as per my choice!)

6.30 PM : Take bath and come down for dinner.

6.40 AM : One hour walk through 750 acre private, the fruit orchards, watching Wood Peckers, Mynah, Cuckoo, Quail, Bulbul, Finches, inhaling the pure air with the scent of mango, guava, sappota, pomegranate, neem and teak leaves, flowers and fruits!)

8.00 AM : Breakfast Start with a glass of Fresh Juice, then a bowl of fresh cut fruits followed by a buffet of Mixed cuisine (Continental, North Indian and South Indian). Menu gets repeated once in a fortnight only!)

9.00 to 10.00 AM : Write in the various Notice Boards-"THOUGHT OF THE DAY", "POEM OF THE DAY", "KNOWLEDGE OF THE DAY",

1.30 PM to 2.00 PM : Spend time in the library reading news papers, magazines.

2.00 PM to 3.00 PM : Rest at home. ( a luxury I had been longing from my school days!)

3.00 PM to 4.00 PM : Meditation and Yoga. (still trying hard to focus - but enjoy the wandering thoughts too)

4.00 PM to 5.00 PM : Play Badminton and Tennikoit (good bending exercise!)

5.00 PM to 6.30 PM : Either go for a long walk in the woods and enjoy the sunset or play board games like LUDO, CHINESE CHECKERS,CHESS, CARDS. Enjoy a leisurely time in the swing among the sprawling green lawn.

6.30 PM : Take bath and come down for dinner. 7.00 PM : Dinner - light and nutritious-buffet of North Indian and South Indian - ending with a bowl of

fresh fruits. Chit chat with all and say "GOOD NIGHT"

7.30 PM to 9.30 PM: Watch TV - FAMILY QUALITY TIME!!

9.30 PM : Off to sleep. Once a month, visit Hosur(15Km) to get

essential items, do Bank Jobs etc. or get them done through the front office at SukhShanthi. Occasionally indulge in a treat- visit to Bangalore Mall. All

travel by subsidised shuttle services.

As days go by and more people joining, plan to go on picnics, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, indulge in social work etc. At present supervising the library voluntarily.


Vasantha : Born in Chennai,graduated as MCA(Master of Computer Applications) from BITS Pilani, retired as Manager(IT) from IBP(now a division of IOC). Ranganathan Bhaskaran: Born in Sirkazhi(TamilNadu), graduated as BSc (Mining) from Indian School of Mines, retired as Director(Mines) Neyveli Lignite Corporation.

Smile restored after coming to SukhShanthi!

A delighted daughter expresses her feelings!

"For as long as I can remember I have only seen my mom cook and clean and make sure all of us were taken care of, between school, hospitals, numerous guest the only time my mother ever got as 'me time' was when she went to church. Over the years as we all grew up, the time that we spent with mom

When I started looking for places for my mom to stay the first I saw was Sukh Shanti, I decided to check other options within the city. I am glad I did as it helped me realise how much better SukhShanti is. The space, accommodation, facilities and most of all the people make this place quite outstanding.

reduced andher interest in things diminished proportionately. The time that my nephews and I spent with mom came down toher doing activities and going to places that we liked. Today when I visit my mom I know she is Happy and she is doing things that are fun for her, she is finally living her life with a whole lot of 'me time'. I am at peace with the fact that mom is in a place where is she genuinely taken care of, the current residents and the staff have the best interest of my mom in their mind thus becoming an extended family for both mom and I.

Benita Nathan : Born in Bangalore , graduated as B.A , working as Center Director (Bright Horizons Child Care Services Pvt.Ltd).

Grand Celebration of 85th Birthday at SukhShanthi!

Mr. Shankar and his family visited SukhShanthi recently. Here is what they have to say.

Dear Friends,
My wife recently casually mentioned that her father's 85th birthday is on the cards and asked me whether we can host a lunch for him . I thought since my FILis in the evening of his life, it calls for a much bigger celebration .Hence without any body's knowledge, I arranged for a surprise get together of all our relatives at SUKHSHANTHI and JAIN FARMS.

My FIL & MIL were not aware of what was in store and they made a quiet entry into SUKHSHANTHI. When they entered the hall there, they were in for a Big Surprise when their 2nd daughter along with her family and a host of other relatives appeared before them with a Big Smile.Apart from this, the break fast at SUKHSHANTHI and All

the games and entertainment at Jain Farms were enjoyed by the entire family. I am sure this is the best birthday my FIL would have celebrated all his life and the memories carried by our whole family will remain with us for a long long time to come. While my family and I thank SUKHSHANTHI and Jain Farms for the enjoyable day, we look forward to

the next opportunity of hosting another party there.I am also sharing a few pictures taken at SUKHSHANTHI and JAIN FARMS. With best wishes to Jain Farms,

V. Shankar : Born in Chennai, graduated as BSc, a business man by profession.


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